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(not so) Great Events in History - May 2006
Added: 02.05.2014   |  Tags:  latest news
Eight years ago today, rock guitarist Keith Richards was released from hospital in New Zealand after suffering "mild concussion" when he… fell out of a coconut tree while on holiday in Fiji
And we’re off. A new week is… Go!
Added: 28.04.2014   |  Tags:  latest news
Speaking of speedy, check us out doing our very best (or worst) impression of Jenson Button at Buckmore Park racing circuit in Kent last week.
Good news every bunny - Easter’s almost here.
Added: 15.04.2014   |  Tags:  latest news
Good news every bunny – Easter’s almost here.
(not so) Great Events in History
Added: 10.04.2014   |  Tags:  latest news
They say all good things must come to an end, and this was never more true in the world of rock and roll than it was 43 years ago today.
We like new things...
Added: 06.03.2014   |  Tags:  latest news
In fact, they get us really rather excited. The day they arrive. The minute you open the box. The first time you see it. The second you smell that 'straight out of the box' newness.
Europa International March on
Added: 04.03.2014   |  Tags:  latest news
You may have already guessed from the rather funny looking men above, but Europa is on the march. And what better month to do it in.
Europa celebrating 50 years of success
Added: 14.02.2014   |  Tags:  latest news
In the fast paced world of exhibitions, events and production, you need a responsive, reliable furniture hire supplier that delivers great looking furniture where and when you need it.
Driven to be better
Added: 13.02.2014   |  Tags:  latest news
Our drivers are now fully CPC trained. It may all sound pretty boring, but periodic training keeps drivers’ skills up to date, so bravo lads - you’ve delivered once again.
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