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Welcome to our furniture hire and panel hire website. We specialise in chair hire, stool hire and table hire solutions at affordable prices. In addition to our vast array of event furniture hire solutions we also provide display stand hire and leather lounge furniture rentals. Europa is truly independent furniture and event hire company – family run, with family values. Other services include floorcovering, registration desks, panel hire, electrical, graphic, conference seating and shell scheme hire.

    The TC19 linking conference chair caters for large
    seminars, conferences & temporary auditoriums
    where large groups of visitors are required. A
    padded comfortable fabric chair with chrome legs
    & linking clips for health & safety, this really is
    ideal for seminar/theatre style seating. It is
    available to hire in anthracite (pictured), blue,
    black, red and green. With over 5000 in stock
    we will have the solution for your event!
    The TC01 sidechair can be linked together as pictured
    catering for large seminars, conferences & temporary
    auditoriums. It is equally impressive with out the
    links in your cafe area, so these don't just have to be
    in seminar formation. It is an ergonomically desgined
    chair balancing comfort & style. With chrome legs &
    additional linking clips for health & safety, this
    chair is available to hire in white (pictured), blue,
    red & black.
    Our ESD19 Registration Counter Desks are an ideal
    way for organising your Point of Sale or Registration
    Area. The counter is complete with an cable management,
    an internal shelf & blue fascia to display your grouping
    or category. They can also have bespoke graphics placed on
    the counter front, sides and fascia, really enhancing your
    brand.... Just ask our graphic hire team. With our MS15
    queue management system available with red, blue or black
    tapes, we really have all the bases covered for your
    Registration needs!
    Our range of White leather & white faux leather is ideal
    for creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The
    TC05, LC55 & LC56 tubs, along with LS03 & LS04 cubes
    are extremely popular on private events, product launches
    & exhibitions alike. Our range of white seating options
    extends beyond the insitu image beside, so just ask
    our hire team for advice.
    The LC43 Mayfair leather tub chair has an executive look
    and is ideal for creating a professional atmosphere in any
    environment. This style of lounge chair is available in
    Black Leather and works fantastically well with our CT51
    Glass coffee table as pictured in the adjacent image. Why
    not speak to out furniture hire team to discover
    more options.
    The LS50 Miajay catwalk bench can seat 5 people
    comfortably and is very much at home in a Catwalk
    or seminar environment. It comprises a white
    framework, three fixed legs & the seat pads are
    available in a variety of colours including White
    (pictured), Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Lime Green,
    Pink, Red and Yellow. The splash of colour really
    can enhance your event.... The framework is also
    available in black coded as an LS51, just speak
    to our team as we would be happy to help!
    Europa specializes in custom shell scheme layouts
    and offers an un-compromising commitment to your
    full event hire requirements. Our Furniture, Stand
    Build, Carpet, Graphic & Electrical hire solutions
    are the most dynamic & unparalleld options in UK &
    Europe.... well as far as we are concerned! We offer
    our full event support services internationally, with
    our dedicated in house logistics team, to help you
    with every aspect of your event (emphasissing
    service, quality and creativity).
    Posterboard Panel Hire is a great way of displaying
    posters, submissions, artwork, pictures & literature
    alike in an efficient or elaborate way. These panels
    or partitions can be as expansive (with full corporate
    branding/graphics) or as basic as your event specification
    dictates. They are available in grey, blue, white or black
    and are also ideal for creating freestanding room dividers
    to section off areas. Please speak to our panel hire sales
    team for your tailored advice.
    The HT13 Omega bar table has a sleek chrome stem base,
    with a handbag holder & foot rest. Bar tables with
    accompanying stools (BS41 pictured beside), are great
    space saving items whilst creating an informal atmosphere.
    With an injection of colour to the stools you use, you
    really can create a company branded theme. Whether you
    have a large cafe area or just want a small combination
    on your event just let us know, as we have a multitude of
    different styles available to you.
    We pride ourselves on delivering affordable designer
    furniture hire solutions like the LC11 & LC12
    Corbusier style units beside. Bringing you the
    latest in stylish, practical, contemporary and
    quality products, we can provide designer furniture
    hire for any event, anywhere in the UK & Europe, to
    organisers, designers, contractors and end users alike.
    So if you are looking to create a bespoke look & feel,
    without the bespoke cost, just call our designer
    furniture hire team.
    The TC41 Leather sidechair can be linked together
    as pictured catering for Catwalks, large seminars,
    conferences & temporary auditoriums. It is equally
    impressive without the links on your stand or
    breakout area. It is an ergonomically designed
    chair balancing comfort (with cantilever springs)
    & style. It has chrome legs, additional linking clips
    for health & safety & is available to hire in
    black (pictured) & white.
    Floorcovering or carpeting your stand or event hall
    is a great way to add colour and vibrancy. Whether
    you choose iCord, iStyle, eVinyl or eVelvet the
    floorcovering of your choice can be fitted direct
    to hall floor, or with a subfloor or platform where
    necessary. There is a large palette of carpet colours
    available, which can be viewed on the link beside. So
    whether you have 20,000sqm+ close cover/stand and
    aisles, or a simple 3m x 2m booth speak to our
    carpet hire team.
    We offer a plethora of bespoke Graphic reproduction
    & installation design services, in direct print &
    decal formats. From simple A4 posters up to and
    including bespoke graphics for showcases, cupboards,
    computer workstations, display stands, bar tables &
    shell scheme panels. Our bespoke shell scheme graphic
    wall installations include pole to pole (as pictured)
    & flush fitting designs. So if you are trying to
    enhance your company branding & presence on your
    event/stand then please speak to our graphic team.
    From simple clip-on spotlights & electrical packages
    of 2 x 50watt spotlights & a 500watt socket, up to full
    bespoke 3phase installations we are the hire company
    you need! Our electrical team & partners are of course
    NICEIC & ESSA approved, assuring you of the attention
    to detail which is both required from the perspective of
    ensuring the most modern methods & safety are employed,
    as well as ensuring the level of professionalism is
    provided from the outset to completion.


Event Furniture Hire

Our choice of 25,000 event furniture hire products is made up of style, quality, practicality and value for money. Nothing takes a back seat to bringing clients the best. From designer chair hire including white leather furniture, bar stools, linking chairs, catwalk seating, Bench Hire to rope & post, round tables, illuminated tables, floor covering, display stands, panel hire, poster board hire, as well as graphics and electrical solutions. And everything Europa does in event furniture hire is always supported by 100% service, so we have something to be proud of and our clients have more reasons to smile.
Anywhere in Europe
At Europa, we’ve been going further for over 50 years. Literally. In our search for innovative furniture hire products, the quality of our hire service, and in the places we deliver events success. Planning an event in mainland Europe? Let’s talk logistics. So pull up a chair, and take a closer peek at our event hire – the Europa way.
For city furniture hire in Birmingham, please visit our dedicated Birmingham Furniture Hire website, for London visit London Furniture Hire.

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